Bobbin DIP

DIP bobbins, coils are used as frames for the installation of ferrite cores.

Bobbin UUBobbin UU

2011-08-18 14:29:51

Bobbin RMBobbin RM

Bobbin for ferrite cores RM type. Phenolic material

2011-08-18 14:34:08

Bobbin PQBobbin PQ

Bobbin for ferrite cores PQ type. Material: Phenolic or PA66

2011-08-18 13:29:22

Bobbin POTBobbin POT

2011-08-18 14:43:31

Bobbin ETDBobbin ETD

2011-08-18 13:45:41

Bobbin EIBobbin EI

2011-08-18 14:53:51

Bobbin EFDBobbin EFD

2011-08-18 14:58:00

Bobbin EFBobbin EF

2011-12-19 14:11:17

Bobbin EEBobbin EE

Bobbin for ferrite cores EE type. Material: Phenolic, PBT, PET or Nylon

2011-08-18 15:00:54

Bobbin EC (ER)Bobbin EC (ER)

Bobbin for ferrite cores EC (ER) type. Material: Phenolic, PBT, PET or Nylon

2011-08-04 11:17:21